That´s me
My name is Levin Vonester, I was born in 2000 and graduated from school in 2021. I grew up in a creative family which always taught me to follow my passion for creative thinking. Early on I wanted to get a movie director therefor I visited a variety of workshops. Young, I started to produce youtube Videos and a documentary which almost won the deutscher Jugendfilmpreis. Later on, I developed my passion for graphic development and strategic thinking. Since 2016 when I made my Internship at a design agency called Feedmee, graphic design has become a big part of my life.

My Design Journey
In the 9th grade, I made an 3 week internship at a design agency called feedmee. After these internships, I went there one weekday after school for one year. At the internship, I got the task to develop my own company and create several design elements. In these 3 weeks, I not only created a random company I created my own design agency called freag design. I created a trademark and a facebook page for that. I partner up with a classmate and run freag design for a few months. During the time we had a few jobs. After my classmate went to another school the contact broke up so I decided to focus on improving my design skills rather than working for others.
My first steps in graphic design:

In my summer holidays I did an 1 month internship at Jung von Matt, the leading advertising agency in Germany. I worked in an office with two texters and one creative director. During the internship, I worked on a few projects with them, worked on presentations and presented my ideas to the art directors. I really got an insight into being a graphic designer at an advertisement agency. 
Quotations from the certification  
"Levin integrated himself very quickly into the team. Thanks to his quick power of comprehension he quickly incorporate into the existing jobs"
"during his internship Levin learned what it takes to be a good junior art director. He implemented briefings with the art directors, he created layouts {...} and prepared presentations."
"His good taste for aesthetics is very remarkable"
Giuliana Jelko Senior Art Director at Jung von Matt 

I graduated from school and applied to universities.
The FH Aachen graded my artistic level with 1,0.
The WDKA rated my artistic level as sufficient for the graphic design studies and personally stated:
"We looked at them carefully. Although lots of your works are already on a professional and practical level, we also see more experimental works now, also in the assignments made for the academy. Anyways, all the works together show a big drive and ambition."
I will start my studies at the WDKA in Rotterdam on the 1st of September 2021.